The Next 18 Seconds Could Save Your Life

That's all it takes to read this page. Could you apply first aid safely in an emergency situation? It might be yourself, a workmate or family member who is injured. For a casualty, the difference between full recovery and a lifetime of disability can be a few seconds. With the help of First Aid Courses Perth you can make that difference. Just read the articles, watch the videos and practice with a friend. Or join one of our courses to become a qualified first aider.

List of Courses

Senior First Aid
In 1 to 2 days master life support, manage casualties and 1st aiders til help arrives.

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CPR Refresher Course
Maintain airway, breathing, circulation of unconscious casualty - including CPR.

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Basic First Aid
Assess emergencies and manage a casualty. How to stop bleeding and infections.

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Safe Manual Handling
Work safely, identify risks and hazards in the workplace. Learn reporting procedures.

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Remote First Aid
Assist casualties in isolated areas and communicate with emergency service personel.

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How You Can Become First Aid Savvy

First Aid Courses Perth Casualty Assessment

I'm Rob Bryant, founder of First Aid Courses Perth. On behalf of my team I want to invite you to improve your first aid knowledge & skills using the information on this website.

For over twenty years I managed emergency response teams in the Australian Navy. Now it's time to "pay it forward" by sharing my skills and know-how with you.

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Why Choose Us ?

We want to make First Aid training as relevant to YOU as it possibly can be. So we will customize the content to match the needs of your organization. Being a smaller company we value every customer. You'll get to know us on a personal level and find we're a friendly bunch. Did I mention we are very flexible too? Course times can be made to fit around your work rosters and availability. And let's not forget the free resources. Of course this is still a new website but we are adding to it all the time ...           Find out more »



Is better to lose one minute in life... than to lose life in a minute

~ Author Unknown


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