First Aid Courses Perth

First Aid Courses Perth is the online “face” of Paraguard Training And Safety, a first aid training company based in Western Australia.

How “First Aid Courses Perth” Is Different

There are a myriad of training companies out there. So why would you choose us?

Four reasons …

1. Flexibility

The key thing is we come to YOU. At least if you’re lucky enough to live in Western Australia. That means time and cost savings for businesses that otherwise have to send staff away to gain or upgrade their skills. There is less stress because we fit in around your rosters.

2. Friendliness

I’m Rob Bryant by the way, CEO of Paraguard and First Aid Courses Perth. You can read about my mission to save more lives through quality training here. More importantly, my team and I want to get to know YOU. We know that to really make a difference it’s vital to keep sharing our knowledge with you over time. One or two days of instruction won’t cut it.

Unlike with a large organization you aren’t just another number to be processed. You are a vital link to improve quality of life for every casualty and accident victim. We want to stay in contact with you so we created to do exactly that. Every second counts in an emergency and we want you to keep up with the latest accident response procedures.

3. Customizeable

Our training can be tailored to meet your needs exactly. That’s the advantage of being a smaller organization. All courses must still meet national accreditation standards for trainees to receive a certificate. But we can add components specific to individual work places. No two emergencies are the same. So we don’t approach the training with a one-size-fits-all mentality either.

If participants don’t require a national certificate we can even create totally original training content. After attending many incidents over 20 years in the Australian Navy I’m used to thinking outside the box!

4. Free Resources

All the content on this website is free for you to use in any way you wish. We created it without any copyrights attached. Print the pages and stick them up at your workplace or sporting club. To improve casualty survial rates this information needs to be available to everyone. The only thing we ask is that you acknowledge our contribution with a link back to the First Aid Courses Perth website:

Now, be our guest and browse the courses or learn about the latest treatments in first aid by searching through the categories on the right.