Advanced Resuscitation


This course is designed for workplace First Aiders or individuals who wish to improve and or refresh their resuscitation skills with the aid of portable oxygen equipment.


Advanced Resuscitation Course Overview

This course is designed for individuals (or teams) that require the skills and knowledge for the provision of advanced first aid resuscitation techniques, life support, management of casualty(s), until the arrival of medical or other assistance.

The training conforms to the recommendations of the Australian Resuscitation Council’s and builds on the skills and knowledge of HLTAID001 (Provide CPR), HLTAID002 (Provide Emergency Life Support) and HLTAID003 (Provide First Aid)

On completing our 4 hour Provide Advanced Resuscitation course you will be able to:

  • Followed DRSABCD in line with ARC guidelines, including:
    • perform uninterrupted single rescuer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an adult and child
    • perform bag-valve-mask ventilation on an adult
    • responded appropriately in the event of regurgitation or vomiting
    • managed the unconscious breathing casualty
    • follow the prompts of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • follow single rescue procedures, including:
    • rotation of operators with minimal interruptions to compressions
    • conduct a visual and verbal secondary survey assessment of the casualty
    • assess vital signs (respirations, pulse and temperature)
    • administer oxygen to an unconscious/conscious casualty, including:
    • selected and prepared correct oxygen equipment
    • administered oxygen safely at correct flow rate
  • Maintenance of resuscitation equipment including:
    • dismantling
    • storage
    • disposal
    • cleaning and decontamination
    • checking and diagnosis of faults
    • clearing the airway using a suction device
  • Post-incident debrief and evaluation
  • Provided an accurate verbal and written report of the incident
  • Selection and insertion oropharyngeal airway adjunct devices

Qualification and Assessment

Assessments are ongoing throughout the course. They are used to gauge if you have mastered the skills and knowledge needed to safely manage a life threatening incident before help arrives. Knowing this often gives participants a massive boost in confidence.

Practical assessments are done through role-plays and work-place simulations where possible. Everyone enjoys this method of learning and people find they remember the information better in the heat of the moment.


The Units Of Competency delivered in this course are

  1. HLTAID001 – Perform CPR
  2. HLTAID007 – Provide Advanced Resuscitation

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