HLTAID005 – Provide First Aid in Remote Situations


This unit covers skills and knowledge required to provide first aid to a casualty in a remote or isolated area. It is appropriate for those undertaking work or travel in remote/isolated situations.

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Remote Area First Aid Course Overview

This unit has a pre-/co-requisite of  HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid, which must be completed either prior to commencement of the course, or completed in conjunction with it. Duration of the course is as follows:

  • 21 hours (3 days) workbook blended Applied First Aid and Remote Area First Aid, or
  • 14 hours (2 days) Remote Area First Aid

Remote Area First Aid Course

Qualifications and Assessment

All sessions of the course must be attended to be eligible.

Note: The Australian Resuscitation Council recommends a resuscitation refresher course be done once a year.

Training will provide first aiders the knowledge and skills necessary to necessary to manage a life-threatening situation in a remote location. There is a theory component which requires satisfactory completion of all questions.

Practical evaluations will be done towards the end of the course.  Trainees must demonstrate competency in the skills below in a simulated remote area environment.

Skills To Be Learned:

  • Prepare for isolated travel or work, accounting for expected contingencies
  • Assess a casualty’s condition to determine the appropriate response
  • Evaluate the options for obtaining medical assistance and/or transporting the casualty
  • Monitor a casualty’s condition and undertake ongoing first aid procedures as required
  • Provide shelter from the elements and comfort for the casualty
  • Establish communications and work in conjunction with medical and emergency services support
  • Evaluate management of the incident and participate in debriefing to improve future planning and response

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