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“ Enrol in Senior First Aid Course Perth today and be confident that you could one day save the life of a friend, colleague or loved one.”

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Provide First Aid Course Overview

We offer a one day courses with a pre-course learning package. Our course is designed to provide you with skills, experience and the confidence to provide a first aid response, as well as  manage casualty, the incident and other first aiders until the arrival of medical aid. How long it takes depends on previous experience. Once you qualify, your Statement of Attainment will be valid for 3 years.

A 2 day course is available to corporate clients if requested. Please contact us if you would like details regarding conditions and prices for this option.

Please note, the Australian Resuscitation Council recommends that refresher CPR courses be done every year. Of course, if revisit our website regularly and review the course content, you should be able to recall everything easily.

Senior First Aid Course Perth

On completing our Provide First Aid Course you will be able to:

  • Provide CPR
  • Approach an accident and manage an unconscious casualty
  • Maintain airway and breathing of a patient
  • Manage First Aid for collapsed or unconscious casualties
  • Manage heart conditions
  • Manage shock and external bleeding
  • Manage burns and electrical shock
  • Manage eye injuries and soft tissue injuries
  • Manage minor wounds and infection control procedures
  • Manage a near-drowning casualty
  • Manage First aid for casualties that suffered extremes of temperature
  • Manage venomous bites and stings plus poisons and allergic reactions
  • Manage spinal injuries and fractures
  • Manage chest, head and abdominal injuries
  • Assess and safely move the sick and injured. Monitor vital signs
  • Understand ethical and legal responsibilities of first aiders


Assessments are ongoing throughout the course. They are used to gauge if you have mastered the skills and knowledge needed to safely manage a life threatening incident before help arrives. Knowing this often gives participants a massive boost in confidence.

The majority of the theory is completed prior to the course via a pre-learning pack with the aid of a workbook (or during training sessions as part of a 14 hour face-to-face program). Oral assessments are available to learners with language or other difficulties. The Senior First Aid Course Perth program is very flexible. Simply tell us your needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

Practical assessments are done through role-plays and work-place simulations where possible. Everyone enjoys this method of learning and people find they remember the information better in the heat of the moment.



The Units Of Competency delivered in this course are

  1. HLTAID001 – Perform CPR and … 
  2. HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid.

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