Advanced Rescue Training Weekend

As a service to community Paraguard provides free Remote First Aid Training twice a year to an outdoor activities group called Friends of Adventure. First Aid in remote locations has its own set of challenges. I think it helps recreational abseilers enjoy their sport more knowing they are equiped to deal with emergencies should anything occur.

On the 10th of August we gathered with over 20 participants at Brides Cave near Margaret River. Below are some snapshots from the event.

A few of them took advantage of the opportunity to get their CPR qualifications back up to date. It was also a lot of fun to test out the new stretcher by explaining some of the finer points of remote locality First Aid and rescue. This is a great way to learn First Aid. Getting out of the classroom and into the outdoors makes everything feel real and not just like a lot of theory.

Liz updates her CPR qualifications

Rob explaining how to use a defibrilator to Liz


Stretcher hauling for remote rescue

Strapping casualty into stretcher for remote rescue attempt


Assisted CPR Test

Liz and Joanne undergo their CPR test


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