First Aid Programs At The Training Hub In Bibra Lake

Paraguard Training and Safety recently joined forces with several Registered Training Providers to create a dedicated venue in Bibra Lake for First Aid training.

An initiative to provide a “one stop” training hub for businesses in Perth was the catalyst for Paraguard to reinvent its First Aid training courses. Founder and CEO Rob Bryant reports,

 “By starting a new program at The Training Hub people can now choose a time that suits them and keep their skills up to date. It’s an affordable option for small businesses and individuals too. We looked carefully at the First Aid market and saw there was a huge gap.”

“There are many well known companies out there that provide Senior First Aid and so on. They all teach that CPR should be refreshed every 12 months as per the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines. However, few providers actively promote that training. And unless skills are practiced regularly they are quickly forgotten.

“That’s where Paraguard is different. At The Training Hub we offer regular CPR Refresher Courses.  Bookings can be made for most days of the week, even on weekends. So if people need first aid qualifications for their job they can do so without taking time off work. We also offer all the courses you would expect. Senior First Aid, Safe Manual Handling, Remote Locality First Aid and more.

First Aid Courses commenced at The Training Hub on April 17, 2013.

The Training Hub, Bibra Lake WA